Information material

Project Information:

  1. hypox black sea observations poster (ESONET general assembly, Dec. 2010)
  2. hypox overview poster (EGU Vienna, April 2011)
  3. hypox overview presentation (held at EuroSITES final meeting 22.03.2011)
  4. HYPOX in International Innovation Report 2010
  5. HYPOX brochure
  6. hypox poster at the 3rd GEO European projects Workshop, Istanbul
  7. A short fact sheet about HYPOX (pdf)
  8. HYPOX poster presentation (pdf)

Policy briefs:

  1. Hypoxia Brief 1 on fundamentals of hypoxia
  2. Hypoxia Brief 2 on hypoxia consequences
  3. Hypoxia Brief 3 on drivers of hypoxia
  4. Hypoxia Brief 4 on hypoxia monitoring


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